Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Do you want to know which is the best self propelled lawn mower in 2020?

Then you’re in right place.

Because today I am going to show you the best ever products for your money. The one that’s our choice is Honda’s HRR216K9VKA.

And Not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced this guide will clear all your doubts.

All the lawn mower which I’ve listed below provides maximum value for your money.

Let’s do this!

1. Honda 21” 3-in-1 HRR216K9VKA

The Self-propelled models are perfect for the residential user they feature large durable steel 21-inch cutting decks lightweight and robust enough to maneuver it around your lawn easily

This Honda HRR216K9VKA is equipped with a 67-liter catcher bag so you’ll spend less time in emptying the catcher than on other models.

It is powered by the Honda four-stroke GCV 160 5.5 horsepower class overhead cam engine which provides easy starting, and they are fuel efficient and robust.

The Honda’s premium residential GCV 160 engines are legendary for providing years of reliable service.

The HRR 216 models incorporate a 3 in one system with clip director allowing you to mulch bag or discharge your clippings with just one touch just by sliding the clip director.

There’s no need for a mulching plug or any other attachments. Also the Honda’s exclusive twin blade micro-cut system which uses for cutting surfaces resulting in ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and the end res in lt a perfect cut.And less time emptying the bag and less work for you.

An auto choke feature allows hassle-free first time every time to start and lets you conveniently run the mower without adjusting the choke or engine throttle. What’s more, the self-propelled model’s smart drive control allows you quickly change the speed so you can walk at your own pace.


  • Comfortable foam handles
  • High Quality
  • Twin Blades


  • Speed control is sensitive to hand movement

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2. Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1

This rear wheel drive lawnmower is great for large lawns like 1/4 acres with uneven terrain. It provides you easy startup with its readystart technology.

It is powered by powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine with full 21 inch steel deck and specially designed blade for finer mulch. 

But the best thing:

You can adjust all the wheels at once. That means you don’t have to adjust all of them one by one.

After you cut the grass you may need to clean your mower deck. But with its integrated deck washer you can do with great ease.

It is also good for old aged people as they can adjust it’s speed upto 3.0 MPH with 4 speed settings. These all features makes it into the list of our best self propelled lawn mower.


  • Adjustable Speed
  • Integrated Deck Washer
  • Readystart Engine


  • Some people have complained about its plastic level.

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3. Poulan Pro 961420141 PR625Y22RHP

Poulan is one of the best manufacturers of lawnmowers. And this is one of the best product from them. It is a powerful self-propelled mower from Poulan Pro and is lightweight and easy to use.

It has powerful Briggs and Stratton 625 Series engine. Its front and rear Wheels provide the best coordination to remove all kinds of terrains.

It’s Readystart Engine, equipped with the modern auto-choke system. So, don’t need to be worried about the starting of engine especially after the winter season.


  • Powerful Engine
  • List Element
  • Mulch, Bag & Discharge option


  • Fuel StabIlizer 

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4. Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1

This is the latest version of Honda’s HRX lawnmower series. It gives your grass a smooth cut with its Microcut Blade.

It provides you a speed control system alternatively named select drive.

The select drive is made up of two components:

The first is speed change dial which offers a variety of incremental speed settings between 0 to 4 miles per hour.

The second component of the system is a select Drive handle.

The design of this mower offers the user a highly comfortable fit while mowing. Unlike, other companies the deck material used here is NeXite which don’t rust or corrode. So, it will provide durability to the mower.

This mower provides 7 cutting levels. You can adjust them from 3/4 Inch to 4 Inch. But the only demerit we saw while reviewing this mower is:

You have to adjust the height of all the wheels separately. And its bit noisy. But it has a powerful engine so, it will make some noise.

But the thing which enshrine is its warranty. They will provide you 5 Years of warranty for defective workmanship and parts. So, if something happen to your lawn mower then you can contact the Honda.


  • Great Reliability
  • Easy to Use
  • Bigger Grass Bag


  • Have to adjust the height of all wheels separately
  • Bit Heavy

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5. Husqvarna 961450021 190cc

This lawn mower from Husqvarna is a self propelled model with powerful Honda gcv190 190cc 4 cycle engine.

After looking at this mower I have noticed that this is quite durable.

And other main thing to notice is that it has all wheel drive. So, you can effortlessly mow your lawn.


  • Large 11 Inch Rear Wheels
  • 190cc Honda Engine Gives Great Power
  • All wheel Drive


  • Mulched grass often ends up on ground instead of collecting in bag.

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6. Lawn-Boy 17732 Carb Compliant Kohler XT6 OHV

Earlier we talked about the Honda Engines. But this mower from LawnBoy uses the reliable Kohler XT6 149cc OHV engine.

This is lawn boy self-propelled walk behind mower.

It’s an affordable, reliable mower with some nice features that make mowing comfortable and leave your lawn looking great.

For Starters, the rear wheel drive self-propelled system takes a lot of the work out of knowing by providing plenty of traction for going up slopes or hills.

Its two-point height of cut system adjusts two wheels at the same time that makes setting your cutting height fast and easy.

The durable 21-inch steel deck and lown boy’s exclusive try cut cutting system make this an excellent mower for mulching.

When you want to bag your clippings lawn boy’s larger bag, it fills quickly holds more and lets you empty the clippings faster and less often.

And lawn Boy void backs this mower with a full two-year warranty, and the three-year true start guarantee your mower will start on the first or second pull every time, or lawn boy will fix it for free so for a dependable self-propelled mower that’s easy to handle and hard to beat.


  • Easy To Use
  • Great Cut Quality
  • Compact Design


  • Hollow front plastic wheel studs

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7. Toro Super Recycler® (21″) 190cc​

The super-tough, super durable and super at mulching grass clippings that’s the Toro super recycler with a high level of performance that will have you mowing like a pro.

The mower features an exclusive cutting system that delivers unmatched mulching capability.

The aerodynamic blade works in tandem with strategically placed kickers and an innovative accelerator.

After the blade cuts the grass, the clippings hit the kickers which push them back toward the center of the deck.

The throttle circulates the cuttings to be re-cut again and again producing superfine clippings that fertilize your soil promoting a healthy lawn. When conditions aren’t right for mulching, you can opt for either bagging or side discharge modes.

You can do this quickly and easily with no tools required. The super recycler is built to last with a durable wheel assembly and a rust-free cast aluminum cutting deck. The decks 21-inch width of gut also increases your productivity by letting you cut more grass in less time.

Durability and productivity are also engineered into the super recyclers robust Briggs and Stratton engine. Its 7.0-foot-pound gross torque rating means this engine is powerful enough to handle the harshest mowing conditions.

The engine also features ready start, a breakthrough technology that eliminates guesswork by automatically delivering the right amount of fuel to your engine every time you start up. Or make starting even more comfortable with an optional electric starter.

The super recycler also features Toros patented personal paced propulsion system with rear wheel drive. Personal pace automatically adjusts to your walking up to four miles per hour. It’s the most advanced self-propelled system on the market, and it’s only available in Toro.

When you finish mowing the quick wash washout port makes cleanup a snap. The convenient port lets you flush out sticky grass clippings with your garden hose. And the smart stole ever enables you to raise the handles for easy storage.

It is covered by Toros best-in-class five year full warranty and the five years guaranteed to start promise. So if you’re looking for a heavy-duty mower that will deliver a professional-looking cut for many years to do yourself a favor and step up to the super recycler from Toro.


  • Feature-rich mower
  • Speed Control
  • Great Cut Quality


  • Difficult access to rear wheel height lever

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8. Snapper RP2185020 / 7800981 NINJA 190cc – Bonus Model

This amazing lawnmower from Snapper, with its self-propelled capability, offers ultimate convenience and maneuverability that makes it highly popular.

The Snapper lawn mower comes with a Briggs and Stratton engine from their 850 professional series, that needs no choking or priming before use – it is a ready start system that you simply need to pull and start mowing.

The rear wheel drive of this machine provides the adequate traction needed to walk behind the mower while it is being used.

You can be sure of this machine to run gently on the grass lawns with the help of its smoothly turning differential that also aids ease of use.

This machine comes equipped with six powerful Ninja blades that efficiently cut the surface and finely too.

You can achieve the desired height for the lawn grass with the adjustment handles on this device with provides for easy control with the robust front axle.

There are seven options to choose from; you can either choose to keep the height of the cut grass at 1.25 inch or vary it to 4 inches. The front axle, as well as the deck of this lawn mower, is made out of steel which guarantees the longest lasting durability


  • This machine is very easy to assemble
  • The self-starting engine keeps the machine ready to start mowing
  • Easy adjustments for the height


  • Sometimes, the self-starting engine does not restart easily

Benefits Of Your Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Self Propelled mowers have many benefits as compared to push mowers. Since we have listed best self propelled lawn mowers reviews 2019 available. So, you can have more benefit for your money.

One of the main benefits of this type of mower, i.e., you don’t have to push it yourself. So, it will not cause any pain to your arms.

Not only this most of these mowers have speed control system in them. So, you can mow at your own pace. And you don’t need to worry about lawn mower battery.

Thing To Consider Before Buying

There are many factors on which you should look before buying a lawn mower. It must comply with your needs. What you want in your mower, etc.

1. Noise Level

As lawn mowers powered by gas causes the noise, you should take a look at its sound. You should choose only those mowers which have high engine performance with low noise. If it’s too noisy for you, then you have to look for an electric mower.

2. Weight

Weight is not that big factor here as these mowers are self propelled. But you should choose only those mowers which have less weight. Because they are easy to maintain while changing oil or blade.

If the mower is quite heavy then, it will become very difficult to change its oil or blade.

3. Speed

Today, most of the mowers have speed control system integrated to them. But there are some mowers which don’t provide this feature. There speed cannot be changed. They run at fixed speed. You should only look for those mowers which have speed control system.

According to your needs you can also choose Best zero turn mower but they are expensive.

The speed control helps you to mow at your own pace. So, if you are in hurry or want to mow slowly. You just need to change the speed according to your need.

4. Wheels Adjustment

This is one of the most important thing which people don’t focus. They just focus on its engine and other things.

But this is a very important thing on which you should focus. Make sure the mower which you are choosing must have wheel adjustment system in it.

Not only this see whether its smooth or not. I recommend those mowers which have this system.

How To Maintain A Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Once you have made you mind and purchase your best self propelled lawn mower. Now, it is the time for it’s maintenance. With maintenance it’s engine life will rise. With proper maintenance you can save your money too.

But keep one thing in your mind:

Always use genuine parts for your lawn mower.

We always recommend using genuine parts when performing any maintenance on your lawnmower. Because genuine parts are designed and manufactured to the precise standards as the original parts.


Oil changes should be performed at regular intervals according to the owner’s manual to ensure long service life. It is best to drain used oil when the engine is warm, not hot. The engine and the fuel valve should be turned off.

Remove any dirt and debris from around the oil dipstick and then remove the dipstick. Place a suitable container next to the mower to catch the used oil. Tilt the mower to the right with the fuel cap up to prevent fuel leaks. Allow the used oil to drain through the oil fill tube thoroughly.

Once it’s fully drained, refill it with suitable oil. Always being careful not to overfill by occasionally checking the level with the dipstick. Once you verified the oil is at the proper level screw in the dipstick until it is tight a properly.

A more detailed guide about oil change of lawnmower can be found here.


The maintained air filter would help prevent dust from entering your engine. If dust enters the carburetor, it can cause premature engine wear as well as starting or running problems.

You will need to clean the filter more frequently if you operate the lawnmower in very dusty conditions. To change the air filter of Honda’s HRX series lawnmower press down on the tabs to remove the cover. Remove the filter from the air cleaner housing. Inspect the air filter if it is in good shape.

Clean it by tapping it several times on a hard surface to remove loose dirt. If the filter is in poor condition or very dirty, just replace it. Wipe any dust from the air filter housing with a clean, moist rag.

Be careful not to get dirt in the carburetor Inlet. Finally, reinstall the filter and the cover. Be sure the hinges on the bottom of the cover remain hooked into the housing and the tabs are latched in to the top of the housing. This will help your best self propelled lawn mower to have extra life.


A properly sharpened blade is essential for optimal grass cutting. To inspect the blades, turn the fuel valve to the off position and disconnect the spark plug cap from the spark plug.

Tilt the mower to the right, so the fuel cap is up to prevent fuel leak. Inspect the blades for damaged cracks and excessive wear rust or corrosion. A dull blade can be sharpened, but a blade that is excessively worn bent or cracked must be replaced.

When replacing your lawnmower blades always use genuine replacement blades.

To replace the blade turn the fuel valve off and disconnect the spark plug cap.

Tilt the mower in that position, so the fuel cap is up to prevent fuel leakage. To remove (blades of Honda HRX series) the two blade bolts with a 14-millimeter socket wrench. While using a wooden block to prevent the blades from rotating

Install the replacement blades using the two blade bolts and special washers. The washers must be installed with the concave side toward the blades. The blade bolts and washers are specially designed to secure the mower blades to the engine. Do not use any other type of bolt or washer.

You must have a torque wrench to tighten the bolts to 36 to 43 foot-pounds properly. If you don’t have a torque wrench, then take your lawnmower to the dealer to have the screws adequately tightened. Properly tighten blade bolts are critical to ensuring safe operation.


The spark plug must be properly gapped and free of carbon deposits. Allow the engine to cool before removing the spark plug. To inspect the spark plug, disconnect the spark plug cap and remove any dirt from around the spark plug area.

Remove the spark plug with a suitable spark plug wrench and inspect the spark plug. You should replace it if it is found that the electrodes are worn or if the insulator is cracked or chipped.

Measure the spark plug electrode gap with a spark plug gap gauge the gap should be 0.72 to 0.8 millimeters. Install the spark plug carefully by hand to avoid cross threading. If reinstalling the old spark
plug, tighten it from 1/8 to 1/4 turn after the spark plug seats.

If installing a new spark plug tighten 1/2 turn after the spark plug seats to compress the ceiling washer. Do not over tighten the spark plug.


It is necessary to clean the grass bag periodically to maintain proper lawnmower performance. Wash the container with a garden hose and allow it to dry completely before using it. Since a wet bag will clog quickly. If the grass bag has excessive wear tears or holes replace it to get more grass in it.

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

In this section of the post, we will discuss trouble-free methods to winterize your lawnmower. It’s good to follow one of the methods to stay away from troubles in winter. We will also discuss some effective tips for it.

Method 1:

You can use fuel stabilizer. Properly, read the instructions and add the fuel stabalizer to the fuel. Let it run for a while so that the fuel works its way up to the carburetor. Just follow the instructions on the container and then add it to your fuel tank.

It’s essential that after you add the fuel stabilizer to the gas tank that you run lawnmower for a few minutes. This will allow all the gas with the fuel stabilizer in it to work its way up to the carburetor. It will ensure is that, the gas in the carburetor will not go bad.

Method 2:

This is the most preferred method.

Run the lawnmower until the gas tank is dry. Now if you have a lot of fuel left in the gas tank of your lawnmower and you don’t feel like running it for an hour so just grab a baster and suck out the fuel. Then just dump it into a container.

You can use this fuel in another piece of equipment that you own. Then you can start the lawnmower again. It’s only going to run a few minutes.

It’s going to burn the fuel that’s left in the fuel line and the carburetor. Now after it dies, you know that there’s no fuel left in the carburetor or the fuel tank at all. That prevents it from going bad over the winter months.

Another reason why this is preferred method is that a lot of the fuel nowadays has ethanol in it. What can happen over time is the ethanol can separate from the fuel. Because it’s water based and that can cause you problems.


When putting away your lawn mower for the winter, you can spray some Engine Storage Spray or engine fogger inside the cylinder.

Simply remove the spark plug and spray a few squirts inside the cylinder. And then turn the engine over a few times, and this will ensure that the engine fire gets all over inside the cylinder and the piston.

After that reinstall the spark plug and do not start the engine. Use this stuff inside outboard motors because they’re content to be more moisture inside.

These are methods and tips to look after the engine when you put away your lawnmower for the winter.

Now after the underside of the lawnmower for example if we get under this on more. It’s full of old grass, and this can cause your deck to rust. So, it’s critical that you clean the other side of your lawnmower well.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

With this plate, you want to make sure it’s clean well because the moisture will build up between the grass and the body of the lawnmower and the body of your best self propelled lawn mower is going to start getting holes in it.

What you want is that the underside of your lawnmower to look nice and clean here. You can also use a wire brush to clean it well. If you have the energy and money, you can even paint it.

This will prevent it from rusting further, and if you don’t feel like painting it, you can even spray some 40-liquid wrench or some other rust proofing agent that will prevent the deck from rusting. But just having scraped off the old grass will prevent it from rusting.

Our last tip is that if your lawnmower has an electric starter on it. Then just remove the battery for the winter time. Disconnect the two wires and take the battery out and store it somewhere safe. Keep it in the warmth all winter long. This will help your battery lasts a lot longer so these are just some tips on how to put away your lawnmower for the winter time.

Thinking Of Buying A Treadmill? Confused?

Thinking Of Buying A Treadmill? Confused?

Treadmills are currently the number 1 piece of home exercise equipment in the US. The rate of growth of the treadmills market has been astounding, and a treadmill is found in a significant proportion of US homes.

There are some reasons for that. First is probably a recognition by your average citizen that exercise is or should become an important part of your life, and that if it isn’t then you are putting your long term health at significant risk. 10 or 20 years ago that was not as recognized as it is today, and for that reason a higher and higher percentage of people are incorporating exercise into their lifestyle, including exercise on a treadmill.

Exercise is undertaken in a huge variety of places, from the golf course to the roads to the gym to – at home. And exercising at home, on a treadmill or any other piece of home gym equipment, is fast becoming a common choice.

One of the primary explanations for the popularity of home exercise equipment like treadmills must be the convenience of being able to exercise exactly when you want to, and how you want to. If you exercise at home then it’s incredibly convenient to be able to jump on to your piece of exercise equipment exactly when you want, to be able to exercise how you want and for how long. Do you want to watch TV while you exercise? Do you want to exercise in your pajamas? Do you want to sip a coffee while you do so, or is it just that you would rather wait until your body was just that bit leaner and meaner before you displayed it to the world?

Home exercise, on a treadmill or any other piece of home gym equipment, is ideal for so many people. It can be successfully achieved in the midst of a busy lifestyle. No need to waste time or money exercising at the gym. No need to buy the latest greatest outfit, shoes, or any of the other trappings of so many of the other popular types of exercise such as gym membership. You don’t even need to wipe someone else’s sweat off the treadmill before you start your workout.

No need to tackle public, and often dangerous or at the least frightening, outdoor areas as so many joggers do. No need to look good, sound good or anything else. It’s all your own business.

With the increase in popularity of home exercise there has been an explosion in the sales of treadmills. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association says that treadmills make up over one third of all home exercise equipment sales in the US. In 2003 almost $3 billion was spent on treadmills, and that is growing fast. It is clear that the discerning US exercise equipment consumer is voting with their wallet and making the treadmill the leader in the home exercise market.

But if you are looking to buy one it can be pretty daunting. The simple number of different types of treadmills available can be overwhelming, and the range of prices of the different models staggering. What is a great treadmill for one person may not be for another. What is too expensive for one may be great value for another. It can be monumentally difficult for a consumer new to the treadmill market to pick the ideal treadmill for them, at the right price, and work out exactly how to use it.

There is a massive amount of information on the internet about treadmills, but like everything else there it can be difficult and time consuming to find. Many treadmill experts provide all sorts of tips, tricks and ideas for people who are looking to buy a treadmill, but most of these do not get read because they are never found.

Welcome to Treadmill Answers. We hope to correct that. The aim of this website is to bring together as much of the publicly available information that may be of use to the treadmill consumer, either new or advanced, in one place. A place where you can read all the different views and ideas available on the net on one website – just about America’s number 1 piece of home exercise equipment.

Thinking Of Buying A Treadmill

Our website consists mainly of articles written by various people who have some interest and experience in the treadmills market. They might be about how to buy one, how to use one, how to sell one, or anything else relating to the use of these popular pieces of home gym equipment. There is a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge about treadmills among all these people, and that is why we want to bring these informational articles to you, all in one place.

Bookmark our site, over time we expect to publish hundreds of articles on the website about every aspect of treadmills, and it will grow quickly. And you are unlikely to read it all in one go, so come back often to see what there is new.

We hope to have been able to provide a service that you cannot find elsewhere on the net, one single place where you can spend as long as you want, browsing for, finding reading and learning all you could ever hope to learn about the US home fitness consumers first choice in home fitness equipment, treadmills.

Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

Today’s review is about the Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike by Pure Fix Cycles and here I will try to provide you with all the information I believe you need to know about this fixie road bike before you decide to buy it or not.

Please remember that this post is only a review about the Road Bike. If you try to find deals and discounts for this road bike online then you can Click Here to get the Pure Fix Cycles Fixie at a great discounted rate today…

Short Description About Road Bike

Because of its simplicity, riding a fixie has been growing in popularity. Why ride a fixie? A fixie, or fixed gear bike, is significantly lighter, has better maneuverability and more mechanically efficient. If you’re ready to buy a fixie, consider getting the Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike by Pure Fix Cycles.

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This fixie model is equipped with a frame and straight fork that are created using hard-wearing high tensile steel. Its Neco threadless headset clasps Zoom Risers steel handlebars complete with ultra soft, smooth and comfortable Oury Grips (Made in USA) attached to a Promax stem.

This comes with a standard Vader Performance seat and its flip-flop rear wheel hub allows you to switch from fixed gear to single-speed without any problem. Its radius alloy front brake stops on a dime and can be conveniently detached. In addition, the Kenda Kwest 700ccx28 tires offer a smooth and more controlled ride.

Other features to be expected with the Road Bike are Presta 60mm valves, Lasco 3-piece sealed bearing crank set, Pure Fix Lasered KT Quandos hubs, and Wellgo pedals and cages.

Depending on the size, this weighs between 22 and 24 pounds.

Other Important Details

Shipping Weight: 40 pounds

Average Score: 4.3/5

Percentage Of Reviews That Are Positive: 90%

3 Useful Reviews From Other Users:

Durable and Fun Bike

I got this bike four days ago, and I’ve already put around 40 miles on it. This bike is very sturdy and built with such quality products…

 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

Outstanding bike! Love the fixie!

Wonderful riding now! I picked up this bike due to its simplicity. I have a 24-speed road bike and riding around the neighborhood with my three young boys, it seemed…

I love this bike

I love this bike. It’s minimalist and gorgeous. I really wanted the Papa as gray/orange are one of my favorite color schemes (I also secretly hope for a gray/purple scheme with… Read more

The Pros And Cons Of The Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

The Pros

  • This bike is incredibly light in weight and relatively easy to store.
  • It offers a smooth and fun ride, especially if you try riding it on fixed gear.
  • It is relatively easy to assemble right out of the box (if you have access to the right tools).
  • This is an ideal option for people who are pretty short, like around 5’11” and below in height.
  • The bike looks really gorgeous and the parts seem to be well made.
  • This is generally a stable fixie bike once you tune it properly.
  • The price is reasonable and manageable.

The Cons

  • If you plan to switch to the fixed gear, know that it may take a couple of days of practice before you’ll finally feel comfortable and enjoy the ride.
  • The tires are not the best out there. Some reports say they easily pop off the trim.
  • The seat is not a complete pain in the neck, but it’s not the most comfortable seat either. This makes it not good bike for senior citizen.

The Bottom Line

Once you have every component of this bike fine tuned (or replaced if you want), the Bike by Pure Fix Cycles proves to be a great value for the money. We definitely recommend this to beginners or daily bike commuters who are looking for a quality product that costs under $400.

It is true that this model has some flaws, such as average quality tires and a seat that can be a bit uncomfortable for some, however, all in all, we think that the Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike can be a great choice to anyone who wants a sturdy, lightweight and attractive-looking fixed gear bike at a very affordable price.

Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle Review

Today’s review is about the Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle with 20-Inch Wheel and here I will try to provide you with all the information I believe you need to know about this unicycle before you decide to buy it or not.

Please remember that this post is only a review about the Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle. If you try to find deals and discounts for this unicycle online then you can Click Here to get the Avenir Unicycle With 20-Inch Wheel at a great discounted rate today…

Short Description About The Mountain Bike

The Unicycle by Raleigh Bicycles is a starter unicycle that offers great quality and amazing performances for a reasonable price. It is made from a solidly built steel frame with an ultra-comfy padded seat that’s slightly curved and fitted with a grip underneath.

Learning the basics of unicycling is easier with the help of its extra-large off-road tire, which measures 20 inches by 2.5 inches. It provides great balance and traction, so you can do your tricks, hops, and jumps without issues. In addition, it is suitable for different road surfaces, whether you decide to ride on city streets or dirt trails.

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Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle

The Bike measures 24 inches by 9 inches by 24 inches and it weighs approximately 15 pounds. Other features of this unicycle are cottorless 3-piece cranks, anti-slippage double-bolt seat clamp and short seat post that’s great for trials.

Other Important Details

Dimensions: 24 x 9 x 24 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

The Pros And Cons Of The Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle

The Pros

  • It is a very sturdy unicycle that can take abuses (to some extent) due to riding it on jumps and off-road trails.
  • For the quality and features, it is worth more than its price tag.
  • Its 20-inch tire with large tread performs well on various surfaces and offers enough traction, especially when doing difficult unicycle tricks, jumps, and hops.
  • It is a breeze to put together. All you need are the right wrenches and minimal mechanical know-how.
  • It is a lightweight unicycle.
  • It comes with a stand.
  • So far, there are no complaints about its seat being uncomfortable.

The Cons

  • The seat post is too short for taller individuals, like around 5’11”, more or less.
  • Although it is durable, it is not built to last for months if repeatedly subjected to rough use.
  • The air tube should have been positioned better and not placed under the cranks.

The Bottom Line

Just to be clear, the Avenir Mountain Bike is not built for professionals. However, it is an economical choice for individuals wanting to learn unicycling tricks, but don’t have the budget to invest on high-end models, like a Nimbus or Kris Holm.

For the price and quality, it doesn’t disappoint. One of the most outstanding features of this unicycle is its extra-large tire, which provides good balance and traction, even in the mud.

About the “too short seat post” complaint, this is a welcome feature because trials require short seat posts. Overall, the Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle is highly recommended for beginners or basic ridings, and it absolutely gets our seal of approval.

Best Recliners for Heavy People - heavy duty recliners

Best Recliners for Heavy People

When a person is either tall or heavy or both, it is difficult to find a suitable, comfortable chair that fits a large body size. However, there are some heavy duty recliners on the market that will fit extra tall and plus sized people just fine.

To have a look my top 3 recliners for tall and big people click on the link in the video or the link below to find the ideal heavy duty, extra large size recliner for you.

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4171-GG Contemporary Top Hat Microfiber Rocker Recliner, Chocolate Brown

Chairs are among the most important furniture in your home. They allow us to get that much needed rest and gives us the opportunity to entertain our guests. Just imagine our life without chairs! Indeed, these furniture pieces are so important.

Best Recliners for Heavy People - heavy duty recliners

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So when I’m out shopping for chairs, I make sure to choose the best one. In my quest of finding that perfect leather chair for my living room, I ended up with the Contemporary Top Hat Coffee Microfiber Rocker Recliner from Flash Furniture. The chair looks really posh and aside from providing my guests with a comfortable seat in the living room, it also helps to make my living room to look even more impeccable. Here, I am going to talk about the best features that have made me buy this chair.

Most Beautiful Chair

As I have said, this chair has helped to improve the overall look of my living room and that’s why I would say that this has been the most beautiful chair I have ever seen. I mean, check out how it looks like! The color is just perfect as it matches with the color of my curtains and other furnishings.  I also love the fabric, for it has a nice and soft texture, which is very comforting on the skin. I would actually prefer this material than leather. Aside from being comfortable on the skin, it is nice to look at and is certainly very beautiful.

Easy to Put Together

The best thing about this big man recliner chair is that it is very easy to put together. One thing I do not like about online shopping is that you will be left to assemble the chair on your own since it is going to be delivered in a box right in your home. But I am happy that this chair is definitely not a pain to assemble. It is so easy to put together and the instructions provided are easy to comprehend. You do not even need any kind of special tool to get the job done!

Very Comfortable

I would certainly recommend this chair if you need a comfortable lift chair for the elderly. It is so comforting to sit on this chair that I often take a nap on it. Again, the fabric is so soft which adds up to the comfort.

Furthermore, the reclining mechanisms are very high quality and are easy to operate. You will definitely not have any issues in using this chair and it’s definitely the most comfortable chair to sit on.

Reasonable Price

This chair is not at all expensive, although it is not cheap either. But definitely, it is well worth the cost. For me, the price is just fair. I know a friend who bought a recliner chair that costs a little over a hundred dollars only but it lasted for like a month only, which is terribly disappointing. She ended up buying a new one which made her to spend even more, instead of saving money. So invest on this chair, and you definitely will not regret it.

Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather 2- Piece Sectional Sofa

Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather 2- Piece Sectional Sofa

Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Sectional sofa is an excellent invention for modern civilization. This particular black leather sofa is quite easy to put together collectively. It is easy to place alongside each other incredibly. This sofa is capable to provide just like the hinges plus the relative head rests and the relaxation of your arms.

This sofa is substantially superior crafted when compared to an equivalent design in a furniture retail store. The highly advanced design of the full-length sectional includes a device covered in faux leather with a girdling style of broad seating areas which makes it a bit of out this world. It functions an exclusive adjustable back assistance plus an elongated chaise for an extraterrestrial appeal.

Attractive but a small number of specifications, great design, and seat aren’t very serious so if you possess lengthy hip and legs this could be a little bit problematic. The seating is comfortable and I like this. It truly is reduced to the ground also, check the seat top. Head rests plus the arm relaxation are absolutely great.

Features of the Product

Attractive Design

This black leather sofa comes with an attractive design. The particular innovative design of the full-length sectional includes a unit covered within faux leather along with a linear style associated with wide seating areas rendering it a bit of out this globe.

Top Quality

Quality is not a concern with this sofa since it is made of excellent components which are worth for all you cost. It has four color choices to prefer from with a comfortable sit back to also rest. The chair is ready in comparison to many other sofas definitely.

Money Saver

This is a good basic couch your cash can buy. For some reasons it really is larger than the beige slightly. Sage color is usually towards the grey finish of the spectrum definitely. The particular beige is towards the hotter side. So it can save your money.

Simple to Use

Really the only assembly is certainly sliding the trunk on to the frame and it’s really very easy to use. This chair will not consider a lot possibly yet it seems quite long lasting and well-crafted.

Sturdy Hardwood Frames

This flexible plus functional Microfiber sectional sofa provides every living spaces and homes with convenience. It is manufactured from completely durable hardwood and hardwood frames are absolutely very sturdy.

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Benefits of the Product


This particular black leather sofa is really perfect for a big living room. In case you possess a big household that you love investing period with, this is actually the sofa for you personally. It is extremely easy and comfortable to completely clean from messes from household pets/kids

Perfect Assembly

This assembly of this sofa is also perfect. This preferred sofa arrives in two parts – the base and the back. The box is small enough to complement through most doors. Actually putting it jointly is as simple as lining up two metal tabs within the trunk along with 2 slots on the bottom, and clicking straight into place then.

Top Quality

As noted previously, the leather is definitely plush. It is not the particular poorly-treated, rigid leather you may keep company with leather furniture. It is extremely soft, and intensely comfy. Overall, the typical from the seat is top quality. It feels solid, in addition well-put-together.

Totally Durable

The Faux Leather Sectional sofa is cozy and spacious solidly. It really is designed with a fresh lever on the relative component that adjusts the particular recliner position. You can easily place this sofa side by side to your selected areas. Moreover it really is completely durable.

Affordable Price

I must say I love this sofa, when I specifically take into account the price. It is a comfortable chair designed for sitting or studying or napping. The particular massage is soothing as well as the heat is effective more than enough for me. There are many types and brands in the market but you can purchase this sofa in an affordable price.

Pros of the Product

Wooden frame protected inside faux leather; chair cushioning filled up with soothe foam in tufted rigid seat

Soft touch leather; modern style

Interlocking metal gadget between chaise and sofa to help keep two pieces taut fit together

Simple assembly and tools are included; obtainable in 2 colors

Perfect for the up scaled recreation room

Adds much needed contemporary feel to the room

Cons of the Product

Some nagging issues with the delivery company

Your feet clutch onto everything plus make it is hard to slide.

Rigid to move with an area rug

Maintenance and Care Instructions

Whenever moving your sofa, usually don’t raise this by the cushions stitched to the frame or even shift your couch by dragging this around. The most effective way would be to raise it through the bottom.

In order to avoid your own sofa fading, it’s best never to expose this to sunlight.

Whenever removing the defensive wrapping, usually do not make use of sharp tools that could harm your sofa covering.

Your couch ought to be placed at the very least 50cm from any kind of heat source.

During the 1st 3 months, foam padding shall turn out to be softer. Light creases may form on the cover up following this. This tends to be considered as ordinary wear.

To help keeping your sofa looking it most effective, you need to plump and shape it to make sure padding plus upholstery go back to their initial appearance weekly.

As tempting as it can be, backrests and armrests aren’t designed as seating.

Intended for still wear, you need to exchange your choice of seat.


This particular black leather sofa is probably worth more than the price definitely. Assembly is completely easy and I had no pressing issues despite others stating issues about the legs. For me it had been self-explanatory and simple however. But I could not really be happier in some cases. Initially I was a little confused as to ways to get the particular head rests to return down after unintentionally increasing them. However this sofa is luxurious and it is perfect for any living room as well as drawing room. It helps to increase the beauty of the living space. You will not only be pleased with it but also your guests.

The Best Milano Sofas for 2018

The Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa is embracing urban living with its elegant design and features, perfectly keeping up in a modern lifestyle. The long search is over with this beautiful and tough product featured in Amazon. Imagine seating on a beautifully created sofa with an elegant mocha and espresso shade. These neutral colors fits into any home interior design, saving mothers from spending a little more in replacing existing home furniture just to match this wonderful sofa.

Best Milano Sofas

The modern design is what a lot of consumers who bought it love about this product. Apart from an elegant design, the Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa is also made of all the comfort features people are searching for when it comes to sofas.

This mocha sofa is made with soft cushions, providing support and convenience for your tired body longing for some place to take a nap on or simply spend time watching your favorite movie on a weekend. This product is upholstered with an industrial-grade microfiber material, ensuring durability like no other. Even with playful kids in the house, this sofa will keep up with them. This product is made tough to last for years, allowing you to have it as part of your home identity for a long tine. With solid frame, coil spring padding, and cushioned back and side, you are assured to get the most out of your spending. In the long run, your investment is made worthy since the Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa last longer than other sofas in the market.

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Some assembly, however, is required. This product measures 32”H by 77”W by 30”D, and weighs 88.64 pounds.


  • Compact hardwood frame construction
  • High grade, upholstered with microfiber materials
  • Coil springsWood arms (steam bent)
  • Sides and back (padded)
  • Cushion-made
  • Espresso wood finish
  • Filling: Polyurethane Foam
  • Accommodates 3 persons
  • Easy to maintain
  • Measures 35.5 ” H x 34.5 ” W x 76.5 ” D
  • Weighs 88.64 pounds

Customer Reviews

Nothing can beat total quality and comfort, as people these days are after high quality, convenient to use products. After scouring the internet, I found out how happy customers are with the Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa. Living up to its name, the new sofa from this maker is made even more elegant and beautiful. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase of this product since it is made with all the comfort features they’re searching for.

They are saying that these couches for big and tall are very comfortable and relaxing, and can even send them to sleep without making any effort. They are also noting on this product’s hardwood frame built, as they feel more secured that this product will work for many years. Since many of them have kids at home, the first feature they are looking for in a sofa was its hardwood frame. Thank goodness the maker has carefully thought of it, and came up with this elegant, tough product which is now featured in Amazon.

They are saying that the Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa works well for their busy family because they can look forward having it for many years. They are also noting on the perfect size of this product that stands independently in their living room without them needing to move their furniture around. Customers have found their perfect living room buddy, working for them day and night, whether for TV viewing or taking an afternoon nap.

Buying Guide

Getting the perfect sofa for your living room, whether it is big or small, is in Amazon. See great deals on sofas and other living room furniture here. If you’re after high quality, affordable product, visit Amazon. When it comes to a matching sofa for any furniture you got, we highly recommend the Milano Espresso and Mocha Sofa

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Heavy Duty Recliner

I have seen one of those comfortable huge leather sofas in the lobby of the hotel that I have stayed at during a recent vacation. It looked really comfortable to use, so I gave it a try, and boy, it was amazing! The well cushioned seating and back provided relief to my tired and aching body. And while seated, I closed my eyes and thought, “I’m definitely going to buy this same kind of chair for my bedroom”. So I did research online and ended up buying the MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG, a plush brown leather rocker recliner seat made by Flash Furniture. If you are thinking of getting this same chair for yourself, let me help you in making the best decision as I share my experiences of owning this chair.

Extremely Comfortable

These recliners for heavy weight from Flash Furniture are very comfortable to use. I love the rocker system of the chair as it allows you to sit comfortably in an upright position if it is not reclined. Prior to buying this chair online, I actually visited some furniture shops near my place and had tested some recliner chairs, but none of them can provide me with the kind of comfort that I want. Some of those that I have tested do not sit upright when the rocker is on.

Moreover, the reclining mechanism is so smooth that it is such a delight sitting on this chair and reclining it at whatever position you want. I love this recliner chair so much and I would recommend it to those who want an extremely comfortable chair for their home.

Plush Design

I have been attracted to the chair just by looking at it online and when I finally got it, I was even more impressed! It certainly looks great and in fact, it has helped to somehow improve the overall look of my bedroom.

Its brown leather material matches well with my brown wardrobe. I am tempted to place it in my living room to show it off to my visiting guests and for them to be able to also feel the extreme comfort that this chair has given me. It looks really great and it’s not like those cheap-looking reclining chairs that I have seen in the furniture shops that I have visited.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out its pictures to see what I’m talking about.

Affordable Price

I have allocated a $500 budget for the recliner chair since that is the price of most of the recliner chairs that I have seen on the furniture shops that I have visited. When I saw this chair online, I immediately got drawn to it but I was surprised at its very cheap price. I was expecting that I would go beyond my $500 budget but I was so happy that I actually ended up saving almost $100 since I got this chair for $390 only online. I found out that the original price is almost $800 and I got it at a fifty percent discount which certainly makes me so happy!

Best Chainsaw for Firewood - Chainsaws for Cutting Firewood

Best Chainsaw for Firewood – Chainsaws for Cutting Firewood 2020

Whether you are working in your back yard or in a thick forest, efficiency and serenity will make the work move swiftly. This is why you need to be using the best chainsaw for firewood to get both.

A good chainsaw can work with the least noise production but chop up the logs like it is nothing. You can finish the work faster since the chainsaw is powerful enough to pace the process.

The best chainsaw for firewood cutting at home is also light enough for a majority of the family members to use. It has an advantage over the bigger and much heavier ones since anyone can use them easily.

Sounds just like what you need, right? Well, no need to bother yourself with the huge database of chainsaws to find your match. Here are the best chainsaws for firewood that you should definitely have at home:

Best Chainsaw for Firewood for 2020

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw with Smart Start (CARB Compliant)

This wonderful 18” chainsaw is what you definitely need for home use. The 18-inch blade will slice through a tree deep enough for you to cut a wedge on both sides of the tree.

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It uses a 3.2 HP gasoline powered engine. As usual, the gas engines have high power and hence you can cut through thick logs without the chain getting stuck while the engine tries to rotate the blade with failure.

The gas engine might seem like a great drawback because of the emission of fumes, but it is a X-Torq engine. This means that the level of fume emission is reduced drastically, hence you can use the chainsaw without creating too much pollutants in the atmosphere.

The same engine ensures that you can use the fuel provided efficiently by reducing the consumption rate top a super low level.

The Husqvarna chainsaw is fitted with LowVib tech that reduces the amount of vibration that is produced by the chainsaw. You can use the chainsaw comfortably without the irritation of the high vibration that usually causes the hands to feel numb after some time.

The chainsaw also has a smart start feature that allows you to start it quicker than ever before. The smart start feature hence saves time that you would have used trying tirelessly to make the chainsaw start.

You are also going to love the way the chainsaw cleans itself with a built in centrifuge. The centrifuge works as long as the engine is running, a great feature for one of the best firewood chainsaw to have.

You can use this Husqvarna chainsaw in the US, especially California for it is CARB compliant. The chainsaw meets the CARB standards and is therefore safe for the eco-system.

When you buy this Husqvarna chainsaw together with 3 or more ounces of the Husqvarna premixed fuel, the 2-year warranty you were going to get will be extended to four years. You can get servicing and repairs within this duration at their branches whenever the chainsaw becomes defective.

GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, (1) 4AH Battery and a Charger Inc

If you are really into conserving the eco system, then this electric chainsaw should be the best chainsaw for cutting firewood for you to use.

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The GreenWorks chainsaw uses electric power to rotate the chain, hence not even a single pollution element will be released into the atmosphere.

It has a brushless motor, which ensures that the chainsaw will work while producing the lowest noise possible. The motor also lasts longer than the brushed motor since it doesn’t create sparks and wear out the terminals.

The digiPro brushless motor uses the power supplied much more efficiently than any other motor. You can fell almost 100 trees with a single charge of the battery.

The chainsaw is compatible with the GreenWorks, electrical Li-ion system. You can use a diverse choice of tools on the chainsaw provided by GreenWorks.

Since the motor is brushless, the intensity of the vibration it produces is minimal. You can hold on to the chainsaw tightly without the vibration getting on your nerves, literally.

The chainsaw has a lithium ion battery that has a low charging time. After the charge is dried out, you can take a break as the chainsaw recharges and go back in the field after a short while.

Some people have expressed the need of a better battery for the battery life reduces after a couple of months. You can, however, find replacements easily on any of the stores selling the chainsaws.

Backyard usage can see the battery though a while lot more time than you can ever need it to be. Since overcharging is the main reason that the batteries go bad, the indicator for showing full charge will help you determine the absolute time you can stop charging the battery.

A charger is also included in the package. You can use the charger to charge up the battery instead of the universal types of chargers that may affect the quality of the battery.

The chainsaw weighs only 6.9 pounds. This weight is ideal for a huge number of users since anyone can handle it without straining. This makes it the best chainsaw for firewood in the backyard.

You are going to be amazed by the low kickback chain fitted onto the chainsaw. Together with a chain brake, these two are the ultimate combination for maximum safety when using the chainsaw.

WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

The worx chainsaw can also prove to be a valuable asset for your firewood tasks. It is one of the best sellers in the online stores for it has great quality and design.

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It has the power of a gas chainsaw that will allow you to work on more than just domestic firewood. The chainsaw is however, ideal for home use for is has all the features you need in a domestic chainsaw.

It weighs around 11 pounds, which gives you enough gravity to press down on a log with less force. It is also low for you to work with without tiring after the first log is done.

You can also change the chain and tighten it without the use of any tool. This makes it more convenient for you since you do not have to carry a huge number of tools to be able to service the chainsaw at work.

It uses electricity as the power source. The cord might come as a drawback since you have to be tethered to the power supply to work with it, but many people see this as a blessing in disguise.

In a home with a stable electrical supply, this corded Worx chainsaw can prove to be the best chainsaw chain for hardwood since it is powerful enough to cut through with ease.

You will have an infinite power supply throughout the day and you will not have to worry about running out of fuel as in the case of cordless chainsaws.

The chainsaw has a mechanism that lubricates the chain as the motor is running. The chain will always be in a good state and this eliminates the necessity of reminding yourself to oil the chain after every tree you fell.

The chainsaw also has a low kickback bar and safety chain stop to minimize the chances of accidents occurring when you use the chainsaw.

It is a US manufactured product; anyone using it should be sure of great standards when purchasing it. The chainsaw meets the standards set for US products of similar makes, hence is suitable for use in the US or any other country with similar standardization methods.

The chainsaw is also ideal to use is you have no clue on how to use a chainsaw. It has an easy operation procedure that anyone can follow.

Best chainsaw for firewood buying guide

Here are just some of the main features and qualities that you need to be looking for in a chainsaw in order for you to determine whether it is the best chainsaw for firewood in the store:

Best Chainsaw for Firewood - Chainsaws for Cutting Firewood
  • Safety features: Go for a chainsaw that has all the basic safety features like the low kick back bar and chain brake so that you can minimize the chances of ever getting into an accident with the chainsaw. And always wear chainsaw chaps to protect yourself from injuries.
  • Size: Choose a chainsaw that can be able to complete the tasks with ease. A small chainsaw is great for splitting firewood and hence something that does not exceed 20” is good enough.
  • Weight: You also need to find a chainsaw that you can easily work with. The lower the weight, the easier it is to handle, though some weight is good for adding more force to the process.
  • Easy maintenance: If you are not good with tools, then you need to find a chainsaw that you can easily maintain, like changing the chain, without the use of tools.
  • Noise: Try to find a chainsaw with the lowest noise production. People tend to think that the noisier it is, the more powerful it gets, but the noise is just nuisance and doesn’t mean a thing.

Even is the three above are missing something that you are deeply interested in, let this guide walk you through in finding the best chainsaw for firewood as you add that one thing to the list of aspects.

Modern heavy duty dining chairs for Interior Designing

Modern Dining Chairs for Interior Designing

Modern dining sets of tables and chairs can be a perfect choice for anyone looking forward to designing their interiors in the most effective way. It doesn’t matter if you choose to decorate your interiors with sleek and stylish wooden furniture or new metallic and glass styled pieces, almost all of these dining chairs bring some amazing results to your decoration designs if applied in the right manner.

Modern furniture

When we say the word ‘modern’ we do not mean that the furniture we are choosing has been manufactured most recently. On the contrary, when we say modern we mean that it has been constructed by blending the artwork of the past with the technology and resources of the present to give it a completely new and reformed look. Moreover, by combining both styles we can be able to achieve a highly creative product for our use.

Modern dining chairs are a great tool for decorating the interiors of a house. They have all the right style and attraction to transform even the dullest areas into an artistic location. We all know that a dining room is a place for getting together with family. It is also the place where family members share and discuss all their problems most frequently. In other words, it serves as a base for the entire family. To make a dining room look as effective as possible having all the creative attractions try using one of the heavy duty dining chairs with advanced features.

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Wooden chairs usually create some nice effects. These are also the most beautiful furniture you can find anywhere. Some of the glass and metallic chairs also look good and have great durability. Many of the fancy synthetic fiber tables and chairs also produce some nice attractions. These are being designed by keeping all the latest options in mind for customers.

Designing the house

The home is our ultimate destination. It doesn’t just provide shelter to us but is a style symbol. A house reflects one’s personality. It is important for us to design our house with the best furniture having all the qualities we require. The best doesn’t mean to be more expensive than the rest. You can find many creative dining tables and chairs at affordable rates nowadays. The Internet is one of the best places where you can find many creative dining chairs at highly reasonable rates.

Modern heavy duty dining chairs for Interior Designing

Many websites such as Amazon and eBay offer some of the best dining tables and chairs available today. They have all kinds of chairs ranging from those classy wooden models to some of the best metallic and glass chairs.

By choosing the right dining set for your house, you can add so much beauty to your interior decorations. Whatever product you choose, make sure it has the right style and durability at the same time. Not only does a quality dining set will help you in your day to day affairs it will also define your personality by adding the right style and creativity to the entire house.