What are the Best Sofa Covers?

What are the best couch covers? When it comes to the décor in your living room, the sofa is mostly the center of attention.

Singlehandedly, sofas boast the ability to enhance your living room’s aesthetic appeal regardless of how dull it might be.

The fact that they are always in constant use by your family, friends, and pets, it can result in wear and tear with time.

Consequently, owning a high-quality sofa cover is necessary. Buying one increases your couch’s or sofa’s longevity thus helping it retain aesthetic appeal even after daily use.

With a couch cover, you might have an old looking couch but a seat cover transforms its look into a vibrant and great looking one.

Yes, that is the magical nature of couch covers. Provided you choose the best one, you will certainly rip maximum benefits.

The million-dollar question that then begs is, how do you settle for the best couch cover with countless options available in the market today? You need a criterion to help you land the best. In addition to presenting you with the much-desired criteria, we also present to you our 5 best couch covers to make your shopping process easy.

Types of Couch Covers

As aforementioned, different types and styles of couch covers are available in the market today. Some might be informal or extravagant in style.

The T-cushion style is handy for T-cushion furniture. Most of them, which are usually ready-made, come in one piece. Generally, they tend to be less costly compared to custom-crafted or designer slipcovers.

Sectional slipcovers are the other popular type. Unless you specially order for them, purchasing them in department stores might be challenging.

Ottoman is the other common type. Ottoman slipcovers are mostly handy for ottoman couches. Ottoman couch is a type of couch that features a head but does not have a back. At times, it has neither. It might have semicircular or square ends. You might use it as an alternative to sofa, or footstool or a stool. Often, ottomans are sold as coordinating furniture with gliders or armchairs.

Best Couch Covers Buyers Guide

Having problems with how your furniture looks like? Or maybe you would like to increase your furniture’s durability? Well, the answer to this lies in a slipcover. The good thing about slipcovers is that they come in several colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics. All you need to do is pick one that suits your style.

Consider the following factors when shopping for the best couch cover:


To get the best slipcover, it is important to know the purpose intended. For example, you may find some people will need a slipcover to protect their furniture. This could be from pets, spills, children, or dirt. Some would wish to improve the appearance of old furniture. Knowing the purpose of your slipcover helps when deciding on the material and price.


Remember we said slipcovers come in a variety? The fabrics include wool, spandex, and linen, polyester and cotton. If you are looking for a slipcover to protect your furniture, the best choice would be one that is durable. To protect from stains and spills you would have to go for dark-colored one. Slipcovers with patterns also work best to hide stains and spills. For those who would want a stylish slipcover that fits perfectly you would go for the cotton-spandex blend. This style of slipcovers has many options to offer. They vary from cotton-spandex blend to faux suede and corduroy.


Nowadays, it is easy to find slipcovers for all styles of furniture. This includes furniture which is hard to fit. Hard to fit furniture includes wing back chairs, and T-cushion sofas. You should also consider if you want one-piece slipcovers or one made of many pieces. Slipcovers made of one piece are easy to remove for washing and they have a variety for different sofa sizes. Choosing a slipcover that has a cover for each cushion will give a more stylish and fitting look.


When selecting a slipcover for your furniture you must get the proper measurements. Only when using a slipcover of the same size as your furniture will it look stylish. How do you get the measurements? Using your tape measure get the measurements from the edge of your seat (outwards) to the other outside edge of your seat. Usually, the measurement for a sofa sized slipcover should be 74 to 96 inches. The measurement for a love seat should be 58 and 73 inches long. A chair sized slipcover should measure 32 to 40 inches long.

Choose a Fabric Weight

Some types of fabric are not best suited for slipcovers. Such fabric includes velvet and chenille. The problem with this type of fabric is that they are unable to adapt to the design of your sofa or chair. Slipcovers made of medium weight fit better as they adapt to the furniture design. For fabric such as chenille and velvet, they can be customized to your furniture’s design which would give a structured appearance.

Choose a Weave

Select a slipcover that does not show the fabric. To achieve this, get a slipcover that is tightly woven. Selecting one with patterns does not reveal the fabric underneath.

Choose a Texture

The texture is important when it comes to slipcovers. The texture you select determines the comfort and appearance of your furniture. The fabric which is textured such as denim, damask, and twill adds visual value as well as they do not wrinkle.

Consider the Shape

Some shapes of furniture are not the best to slipcover. This is so especially if your furniture is made of a wooden frame. Applying a slipcover would mean that the wood would be felt right through the slipcover. For furniture covered with fabric, the wood is not felt. Instead, the feel is soft and cuddly.

Consider Details

Welting is a good detail to consider when selecting a slipcover. Welting increases the stylish appearance of your slipcover. Consider if you would like self-welting or contrast welting. Contrast welting is best used if you want to emphasize the lines on your sofa or chair. Self-welting is best used if you want to tone down on the shape. To achieve a customized look you can use buttons, braids, or fringes.

Consider Length

Decide on the length of the slipcover that suits you. The length does not have to reach the floor. If your sofa or chair is made of wood the best length of the slipcover would be one reaching on to the legs only. Leaving the legs exposed adds more style to your furniture. For the loose slipcovers, the length can also be shortened.

Best Couch Cover Reviews

Home Fashion Designs Couch Cover

This seat cover comes in different quatrefoil patterns and solid colors. It is made from stretchy polyester-and-Spandex material that fits seats that are up to 90” wide. They are incredible for making sure your furniture remains in mint condition and safe from pets that shed or scratch a lot.

You can also use it for protection against stains, spills as well as wear and tear. If you have children, owning it is a must.

One of the main advantages of this cover is its budget-friendly nature. Another impressive highlight is the fact that it is reversible. This means that it brings with it a beautiful print side on one of its sides and beautiful solid colors on the opposite side.

A secure and firm strap is available to firmly hold the cover in place to ensure it does not move when not necessary.


  • Stain-resistant
  • Spill-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Family-friendly
  • Variety of colors


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Works well with different couch fabrics


  • At times you have to straighten it

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Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover

This is a reversible couch cover that features quilted texture. When shopping for it, you are presented with two color options. The two are light gray and gray color options.

On top of being water-resistant, it is crafted using a thick microfiber. It can fit a couch with a width of up to 78 inches. The cover features double foam pipes that ensure it remains firmly in place as you tuck it into your couch’s grooves.

When it comes to cleaning, the cover is machine washable to temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius.


  • Fine workmanship
  • Reversible
  • Water-resistant
  • Elastic strap
  • Machine wash
  • Anti-slip foam


  • Elastic straps to hold it firmly in place
  • Tuck-in tabs
  • Ultra-soft quilted fabric
  • Anti-skid bottom


  • Drying can take longer

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Gorilla Grip Original Slip Cover

If you desire a slipcover that features super soft micro-suede, then you need to consider this one. It protects from food particles, fur, dirt and so much more. An array of reversible color combinations is available.

To be specific, they are seven. One of the best attributes about it is the fact that installing and removing it is a walk in the park. To prevent slippage, it brings with it to 2-inch straps as well as utilizing a non-slip PVC underside. Its thick padding guarantees use for many years. Use it to cover both leather and fabric furniture without ever having to worry about its quality.

The fact that it is machine washable means that cleaning it is a breeze. On top of that, it boasts a 10-year warranty.

The Gorilla couch cover is stain and hair resistant. This means that removing large particles from it is easy. Of great importance to note is that it is not waterproof. Therefore, if you are in the market for a waterproof couch cover, it would be prudent to skip this one.


  • Machine washable
  • Hair resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Secure hook with strap
  • Strap for under seat


  • Maintains its shape without moving
  • Effortless to use
  • High-quality material to guarantee durability
  • Luxurious super-soft micro-suede


  • Not dryer-safe

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RHF Reversible Sofa Cover

The stain protection abilities of this couch cover make it a necessary addition to any home with kids and pets, particularly cats and dogs. Choose from seven unique reversible color combinations and eight different sizes.

Elastic straps are handy at preventing sliding. One of the drawbacks of this couch cover is the fact it is a good option if your couch is leather. This particular model is appropriate for 68” sofas. However, the RHF line also covers oversized sofas, loveseats, futons, oversized recliners, oversized hairs, and even standard chairs.

You can machine wash it through cold water thus making it effortless to clean.


  • Dirt-resistant
  • Hair resistant
  • Machine washable and drying
  • Perfect fit
  • Decorative


  • A variety of reversible color combinations
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Thick anti-slip backing, thick layer to prevent slippage


  • Not ideal for leather couches or sofas

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H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Sofa Covers

Finally, yet importantly, on our comprehensive list of the best couch covers, we feature this one from H.VERSAILTEX. The fact that it knitted using Lycra Jacquard fabric means it is highly durable. The material used to make it is stretchy hence making it an incredible fit for sofas measuring 88-inches to 72-inches wide.

It brings with it a checked pattern that will complement your home décor. Elastic loops present at this slipcover’s bottom are handy at covering up to your sofa’s base edge. Also featured on the sofa are foam sticks that ensure the cover remains tightly in place.


  • High-quality non-slip foam
  • Elastic bottom
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable
  • Stretchable material


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Nice, attractive colors to match your living room décor
  • Machine washable
  • Effortless to remove and put on


  • Pricey

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Final Words

The Best Couch Covers Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

In addition to protecting your couch from stains, urine, fur, spills and other things, covers help to extend the good-looking nature of your couch. Indeed, they are a must-have if you children or pets in your house. If you are searching for the best couch cover in the market today, you should consider the top 5 we have extensively researched and suggested for you on this primer.