Best Recliners for Heavy People

What are the best extra wide recliner chairs? I bet you know this: standard recliners won’t cut it if you’re a big person….

When a person is either tall or big or both, it is difficult to find a suitable, comfortable recliner chair that fits a large body size.

However, there are some heavy duty recliners on the market that will fit extra tall and plus sized people just fine.

Luckily, these days the market offers increased choices when it comes to extra wide recliner chairs.

You even don’t need to worry about the avalanche of options out there..

I have done most of the work and came up with a list of the best 5 extra wide recliners for heavy people.

I have not only reviewed them in this guide but I have also included a comprehensive extra wide recliner buyers guide to give you a head start.

Let’s get down to business.

How an extra wide recliner chairs differs from ordinary recliners

The key difference is that these have an expanded width compared to the normal recliners.

And when I talk about the width, I’m referring to the distance from one arm to the other.

That’s where you sit and it’s the measurement you need to focus on when shopping for a recliner chair that you’ll fit without hustling and remain comfy.

If you’re like most oversized people, the rule of the thumb is to go for a recliner whose width is slightly bigger than your waist dimensions.

With such, you will fit in and get out of the recliner without stress.

Besides, most of these chairs are tailored to best meet the relaxation needs of oversized users – they feature enhancements like reinforced seats and denser cushioning–meaning maximum comfort.

Types of Recliners for Heavy People

Before we get too deep, it’s important that we look at the various types of recliner chairs.

Having this information beforehand will help you make an informed decision when comparing the various alternatives.

Now, in general, all recliner chairs belong to these categories:

  • The two position extra wide Recliners– These recline to just two positions- upright or fully reclined- and are a bit limited. But they’re quite affordable.
  • Extra wide rocker recliner- These usually give you more recline angles. But their most fantastic feature is the rocking function that lets you enjoy a soothing, rhythmic motion that takes you to slumberland before you know it.
  • Extra wide Push back (flex-back) recliner- As their name suggests, you only push this recliner type back to make it recline as desired. My main issue with them is that most pushbacks lack a built-in footrest.
  • Extra wide power recliners (Riser or lift recliners)- These are motorized and you recline then lift them upward with the push mechanism to get out effortlessly. They are thus recommended for the elderly and people with myriad physical limitations.
  • Extra wide wall hugger (Zero Wall) recliner- These have a unique construction (they recline away from the wall) that allows you to place them very close to the wall.

Their design saves space making them ideal if you have space restrictions.

Why pick an extra wide recliner chair

There are plenty of benefits when you select an extra wide recliner over the narrower, ill-fitting chairs.

Of course, the greatest one is the comfortable fit (we have repeatedly mentioned this).

In fact, the seat distributes your weight evenly over a wider area to ease pressure on the muscles and joints while promoting a normal (and healthy) sitting posture.

In addition:

  • The extra-wide seat cushion (with additional cushioning material) in most of the spacious models is immensely comfortable for larger bottoms.
  • Because they support more weight capacity (thanks to the reinforced construction), you have more peace of mind- you will no longer worry that the chair could suddenly break and send you crashing to the floor.

Recliners for Heavy People Buying Guide

Here now are a few things to consider when shopping for extra wide recliner chairs for heavy people.

Product Specifications/Dimensions

As mentioned at the start of the article, check that the chair’s measurements are generous enough to fit your body.

For the most part, you can access the product’s specific dimensions on the label so it’s simply a question of tracing the information from the paperwork.

The size of your room

This coveted piece of furniture takes up more space than regular sofas and it’s crucial that your selection fits your living area, bedroom, or whatever room you plan to keep it.

Contemporary features

Some of the latest products come with pleasant features such as a massage function to massage your legs and back.

Also marvelous is a heating ability if you fancy relaxing with some little warmth.   


If you’re aesthetically-minded, you would want an option that looks modernized and more pleasing to the eye.

The good thing is that nowadays there are plenty of cool colors and textures to select from.

Overall Construction

These heavy-duty chairs are built from assorted fabrics and frame materials and you want to select the models that last for as long as possible.

Here, extra wide leather recliner chairs generally last longer than most of the substitute materials and I would encourage you to pick them if your budget allows.

Availability of armrests, pockets, key holders etc.

Some recliners come with armrests and a couple of storage pockets in the sides or back to hold your remote control, favorite beverage, magazines, and more.

Having such items within reach can be convenient as you watch a movie or lounge about reading papers after a heavy lunch.

Ease of Assembly

Another thing to keep in mind is the ease of assembly.

This is really a no-brainer because we all want furniture that will be up and functioning without a lot of hard work.

Going through the reviews and comments from other buyers will give you an idea about the level of difficulty you can expect when setting up each of the chairs.

Best Extra Wide Recliner Reviews

As promised, below you will meet 5 extra wide plus size recliners that caught my attention.

These chairs offer outstanding features like backrest tilt, rocking motion, greater seat depth and more.

And for this reason, you can sit in luxury for as long as you wish.

Signature Design Zero Wall extra Wide chair Recliner Mocha by Ashley Hogan

Beyond giving you the best value category considering its price, this wall hugger recliner shows off your fashion credentials thanks to the dashing pops of color.

Signature Design Zero Wall extra Wide chair Recliner Mocha by Ashley Hogan

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Above all, the extra-large 28 inches (distance between arms) mean you’ll have abundant room to comfortably sit and unwind with your kids after a tiring day out.


Ashley Furniture is the master of recliner chairs and this is a testament to their greatness.

The chair is amazingly built and comes with an overstuffed back, arm cushions, and seat for all-day comfort.

And with supple polyester microfiber pampering your back, this brings pure bliss.

The chair also adjusts without much hassle to your optimal recline position – the pull tab works so well- while remaining steady in every angle because of the lock mechanism.

The other thing you cannot miss in this chair is its firmness.

This is not surprising considering that it’s constructed with the traditionally sturdy corner-blocked frame.

Besides, the seat is metal reinforced.

Overall, one of the best fits out there.  


  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Stylish recliner.
  • Solid construction.


  • Pretty heavy- needs two or more people to bring into the house.

Signature Design Power Lift Over-sized Recliner Saddle by Ashley Yandel

I recommend this leather recliner from Ashley furniture again if you would rather go for a power lift recliner.

Signature Design Power Lift Over-sized Recliner Saddle by Ashley Yandel

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The chair takes you to infinite relaxing positions with a simple touch of the button.

And because of the numerous comfort enhancements, you will be in cloud 9 all day.


A praise-worthy construction and enchanting aesthetics come together here.

To begin with, the comfort is awesome: there is the high back for lumbar support, thick cushions, and smooth-to-touch faux leather upholstery.

Add the pillow top armrests and a footrest that you can extend and you have one of the comfiest chairs out there.

The other advantage of the faux material is that it’s super easy to clean.

It’s a durable seat and like most heavy-duty recliners, comes with a metal reinforced seat.

In fact, even the footrest is metal-supported.

Sure, it’s not as wide as the previous competitor from Ashley furniture – the space between the arms is 19 inches- but it’s generally a top-quality chair.


  • Sturdy enough
  • Cute nailhead trim.
  • Very plush.


  • No rocking motion.

Major-Q Furniture Gray Polished Cozy Microfiber Recliner

This is a supremely padded recliner chair (comes with 10 mm memory foam) with a distinctive gray finish that looks so trendy.

Major-Q Furniture Gray Polished Cozy Microfiber Recliner

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It is significantly roomy (the seat is about 20×20 inches) and fits plus sizes delightfully.


Major-Q Furniture is the company behind some of the most iconic handcrafted recliners and its catalog offer great choices for the overweight population.

This chair is among the top-selling models from the brand in the extra-wide category and it’s easy to see why.

From the smoothly operating motion reclining mechanism (with a nice external latch handle), soft PU (polyurethane) leather, pillowed arms, to a tight-upholstered back, this has everything you need for your recreation needs.

The other highlights are a headrest pillow and a lengthened leg rest.

The exquisite craftsmanship -the corners are blocked for strength and longevity- rounds off what is an excellent recliner to curl up during movie time.


  • Long-lasting fabric.
  • Extremely cozy.
  • Lightweight chair.


  • Doesn’t recline fully.

Signature Design Zero Wall Power extra Wide Recliner Gray by Ashley Austere

Another power recliner to impress me was this wall hugger from Ashley Furniture (again!).

Signature Design Zero Wall Power extra Wide Recliner Gray by Ashley Austere

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It spares the “puffy” look that’s we associate with recliners and in its place you get a recliner with a sporty jumbo stitching that makes heads turn.


The seating width is 22.5 inches so you will have an easy time lounging in this.

And the best part about this heavy duty recliner is that the foam cushions in the seat feel exceptionally squashy while the strong bottom springs help it hold overweight users with minimal stress.

Like all power recliners, you got tons of ways to recline with this chair – simply touch the magical power lever to kick back in elegance.

Plus, it matches perfectly with most decors because of the subtle touches, ‘weather-worn’ effect, and nailhead trim.

Again this has cute polyester/polyurethane upholstery that’s easy to wipe.


  • Bustle backs for improved lumbar support.
  • Plenty of room.
  • Brilliant colors.


  • Perhaps not the best for the tallest people (over 6 feet tall) as the head may be above the recliner’s back.

Divano Roma Furniture Black Recliner Chair

If you find taking a nap in a recliner fun, then I suggest you go for this extra wider recliner chair.

Divano Roma Furniture Black Recliner Chair

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It reclines flat (at 180 degrees) and with the wonderful bonus of a well-designed rocking feature, you should slip into slumberland in no time.


This is clearly engineered to bring the ultimate luxury in your living room…

You have a gentle back, ultra-soft fabrics, gentle back, luxuriously smooth leather, and overstuffed armrests.

Something else: Unlike some of its peers, there’s no gap between the footrest and the seat so you’re terrifically supported.

It’s obviously a big chair- we are looking at a seating width of 19 inches and a gap of 21 inches between the armrests.

In a nutshell, the chair boasts the most useful combination of power lift and rocking features at one of the most reasonable price points in the market.

Did I mention that assembly is a piece of cake with this chair?

Well, all you have to do is open the package and hook up the backrest to the chair’s base using the attached brackets. That’s it!


  • One of the most comfortable recliner chairs in the market.
  • Classic Bonded Leather upholstery.
  • Affordable price point.


  • No major issue to be concerned about.

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4171-GG Contemporary Top Hat Microfiber Rocker Recliner

Chairs are among the most important furniture in your home. They allow us to get that much needed rest and gives us the opportunity to entertain our guests. Just imagine our life without chairs! Indeed, these furniture pieces are so important.

Best Recliners for Heavy People - heavy duty recliners

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So when I’m out shopping for chairs, I make sure to choose the best one. In my quest of finding that perfect leather chair for my living room, I ended up with the Contemporary Top Hat Coffee Microfiber Rocker Recliner from Flash Furniture. The chair looks really posh and aside from providing my guests with a comfortable seat in the living room, it also helps to make my living room to look even more impeccable. Here, I am going to talk about the best features that have made me buy this chair.

Most Beautiful Chair

As I have said, this chair has helped to improve the overall look of my living room and that’s why I would say that this has been the most beautiful chair I have ever seen. I mean, check out how it looks like! The color is just perfect as it matches with the color of my curtains and other furnishings.  I also love the fabric, for it has a nice and soft texture, which is very comforting on the skin. I would actually prefer this material than leather. Aside from being comfortable on the skin, it is nice to look at and is certainly very beautiful.

Easy to Put Together

The best thing about this big man recliner chair is that it is very easy to put together. One thing I do not like about online shopping is that you will be left to assemble the chair on your own since it is going to be delivered in a box right in your home. But I am happy that this chair is definitely not a pain to assemble. It is so easy to put together and the instructions provided are easy to comprehend. You do not even need any kind of special tool to get the job done!

Very Comfortable

I would certainly recommend this chair if you need a comfortable lift chair for the elderly. It is so comforting to sit on this chair that I often take a nap on it. Again, the fabric is so soft which adds up to the comfort.

Furthermore, the reclining mechanisms are very high quality and are easy to operate. You will definitely not have any issues in using this chair and it’s definitely the most comfortable chair to sit on.

Reasonable Price

This chair is not at all expensive, although it is not cheap either. But definitely, it is well worth the cost. For me, the price is just fair. I know a friend who bought a recliner chair that costs a little over a hundred dollars only but it lasted for like a month only, which is terribly disappointing. She ended up buying a new one which made her to spend even more, instead of saving money. So invest on this chair, and you definitely will not regret it.

To have a look my top 3 recliners for tall and big people click on the link in the video or the link below to find the ideal heavy duty, extra large size recliner for you.

Wrapping it up

Recliners can rock, massage, provide heat therapy, recline, and swivel while looking magnificent in the house.

But as a big/tall person, you will need an extra wide option such as those I have reviewed here.

I have also shared the shopping tips to keep in mind when looking for recliners to help you get it right.

With that, I believe you’re now in a position to get one that best suits your needs.

Go ahead and bring it in- your body and brain will forever be glad you did.