Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Heavy Duty Recliner

I have seen one of those comfortable huge leather sofas in the lobby of the hotel that I have stayed at during a recent vacation. It looked really comfortable to use, so I gave it a try, and boy, it was amazing! The well cushioned seating and back provided relief to my tired and aching body. And while seated, I closed my eyes and thought, “I’m definitely going to buy this same kind of chair for my bedroom”. So I did research online and ended up buying the MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG, a plush brown leather rocker recliner seat made by Flash Furniture. If you are thinking of getting this same chair for yourself, let me help you in making the best decision as I share my experiences of owning this chair.

Extremely Comfortable

These recliners for heavy weight from Flash Furniture are very comfortable to use. I love the rocker system of the chair as it allows you to sit comfortably in an upright position if it is not reclined. Prior to buying this chair online, I actually visited some furniture shops near my place and had tested some recliner chairs, but none of them can provide me with the kind of comfort that I want. Some of those that I have tested do not sit upright when the rocker is on.

Moreover, the reclining mechanism is so smooth that it is such a delight sitting on this chair and reclining it at whatever position you want. I love this recliner chair so much and I would recommend it to those who want an extremely comfortable chair for their home.

Plush Design

I have been attracted to the chair just by looking at it online and when I finally got it, I was even more impressed! It certainly looks great and in fact, it has helped to somehow improve the overall look of my bedroom.

Its brown leather material matches well with my brown wardrobe. I am tempted to place it in my living room to show it off to my visiting guests and for them to be able to also feel the extreme comfort that this chair has given me. It looks really great and it’s not like those cheap-looking reclining chairs that I have seen in the furniture shops that I have visited.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out its pictures to see what I’m talking about.

Affordable Price

I have allocated a $500 budget for the recliner chair since that is the price of most of the recliner chairs that I have seen on the furniture shops that I have visited. When I saw this chair online, I immediately got drawn to it but I was surprised at its very cheap price. I was expecting that I would go beyond my $500 budget but I was so happy that I actually ended up saving almost $100 since I got this chair for $390 only online. I found out that the original price is almost $800 and I got it at a fifty percent discount which certainly makes me so happy!

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