Thinking Of Buying A Treadmill? Confused?

Treadmills are currently the number 1 piece of home exercise equipment in the US. The rate of growth of the treadmills market has been astounding, and a treadmill is found in a significant proportion of US homes.

There are some reasons for that. First is probably a recognition by your average citizen that exercise is or should become an important part of your life, and that if it isn’t then you are putting your long term health at significant risk. 10 or 20 years ago that was not as recognized as it is today, and for that reason, a higher and higher percentage of people are incorporating exercise into their lifestyle, including exercise on a treadmill.

Exercise is undertaken in a huge variety of places, from the golf course to the roads to the gym to – at home. And exercising at home, on a treadmill or any other piece of home gym equipment, is fast becoming a common choice.

One of the primary explanations for the popularity of home exercise equipment like treadmills must be the convenience of being able to exercise exactly when you want to, and how you want to. If you exercise at home then it’s incredibly convenient to be able to jump on to your piece of exercise equipment exactly when you want, to be able to exercise how you want and for how long. Do you want to watch TV while you exercise? Do you want to exercise in your pajamas? Do you want to sip a coffee while you do so, or is it just that you would rather wait until your body was just that bit leaner and meaner before you displayed it to the world?

Home exercise, on a treadmill or any other piece of home gym equipment, is ideal for so many people. It can be successfully achieved in the midst of a busy lifestyle. No need to waste time or money exercising at the gym. No need to buy the latest greatest outfit, shoes, or any of the other trappings of so many of the other popular types of exercise such as gym membership. You don’t even need to wipe someone else’s sweat off the treadmill before you start your workout.

No need to tackle public, and often dangerous or at the least frightening, outdoor areas as so many joggers do. No need to look good, sound good or anything else. It’s all your own business.

With the increase in popularity of home exercises, there has been an explosion in the sales of treadmills. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association says that treadmills make up over one-third of all home exercise equipment sales in the US. In 2003 almost $3 billion was spent on treadmills, and that is growing fast. It is clear that the discerning US exercise equipment consumer is voting with their wallet and making the treadmill the leader in the home exercise market.

But if you are looking to buy one it can be pretty daunting. The simple number of different types of treadmills for home available can be overwhelming, and the range of prices of the different models staggering. What is a great treadmill for one person may not be for another. What is too expensive for one may be great value for another. It can be monumentally difficult for a consumer new to the treadmill market to pick the ideal treadmill for them, at the right price, and work out exactly how to use it.

There is a massive amount of information on the internet about treadmills, but like everything else there it can be difficult and time consuming to find. Many treadmill experts provide all sorts of tips, tricks and ideas for people who are looking to buy a treadmill, but most of these do not get read because they are never found.

Welcome to Treadmill Answers. We hope to correct that. The aim of this website is to bring together as much of the publicly available information that may be of use to the treadmill consumer, either new or advanced, in one place. A place where you can read all the different views and ideas available on the net on one website – just about America’s number 1 piece of home exercise equipment.

Thinking Of Buying A Treadmill

Our website consists mainly of articles written by various people who have some interest and experience in the treadmills market. They might be about how to buy one, how to use one, how to sell one, or anything else relating to the use of these popular pieces of home gym equipment. There is a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge about treadmills among all these people, and that is why we want to bring these informational articles to you, all in one place.

Bookmark our site, over time we expect to publish hundreds of articles on the website about every aspect of treadmills, and it will grow quickly. And you are unlikely to read it all in one go, so come back often to see what there is new.

We hope to have been able to provide a service that you cannot find elsewhere on the net, one single place where you can spend as long as you want, browsing for, finding reading and learning all you could ever hope to learn about the US home fitness consumers first choice in-home fitness equipment, treadmills.

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